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Bergen Harbor, Norway

Bergen Harbor, Norway

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Norway – A Prosperous Nation, Magnificent Natural Beauty, The Nobel Prize, Winter Olympics

A world favorite travel destination

Map of Norway

Map of Norway

Norway is a prosperous nation and attractive travel and vacation destination with magnificent arts and landscape, historic attractions, and splendid scenery.

Norway is located in Northern Europe, bordering the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Sweden. With total land area about 304,282 square kilometers, Norway is slightly larger than New Mexico of the United States.

Norway has about 5,147,792 (July 2014 estimate) population, including Norwegian 94.4% (includes Sami, about 60,000), other European 3.6%, other 2% (2007 estimate). Norwegian is the official language.

A Prosperous & Generous Nation

Norway is a prosperous and major shipping nation with rich natural resources, including petroleum, hydropower, fish, forests, and minerals. It is also a country with high per capita income and generous welfare benefits. Based on 2013 estimate, Norwegian GDP per capita (PPP) is about US$55,400. Norwegian kroner (NOK) per US dollar exchange rate is about 7.57 in February 2015.

Norway has one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in Europe. In 2009, Norway has about 4.431 million Internet users.

The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is a set of annual international awards bestowed in a number of categories by Swedish and Norwegian committees in recognition of academic, cultural and/or scientific advances. The will of the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel established the prizes in 1895. The prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace were first awarded in 1901. The related Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was established by Sweden’s central bank in 1968.

The Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, besides the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony takes place in the Oslo City Hall of Norway every year on 10 December. Today, the Nobel Prize is regarded by the world as the most prestigious award available in the fields of literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, peace, and economics.

Beautiful Cities with Splendid Scenery

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Oslo City Hall, Norway

Oslo City Hall, Norway – The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony takes place in the Oslo City Hall every year on 10 December.

The capital of the Kingdom of Norway

Oslo, the capital of the Kingdom of Norway, is a beautiful city with magnificent landscape. The Frogner Park holds hundreds of extraordinary bronze sculptures created by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland. The Munch Museum, another Oslo’s major attraction, presents a collection of works by Norwegian greatest painter Edvard Munch. The 13th century Akershus Castle, the Resistance Museum, the Viking Ship Museum are some of other Oslo’s tourist attractions.

The Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway (Author: Sean Hayford O'Leary, via Wikimedia Commons)

Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway (Author: Sean Hayford O’Leary, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway is a showcase for the Nobel Peace Prize and the ideals it represents. The Center presents the Nobel Peace Prize laureates and their work, in addition to telling the story of Alfred Nobel and the other Nobel prizes. The Noble Peace Prize showcase is done using multimedia and interactive technology, exhibitions, meetings, debates, theater, concerts and conferences, as well as a broad educational program and regular guided tours.

1952 Winter Olympics

Oslo, Norway was the host city of the 1952 Winter Olympics, officially known as the VI Olympic Winter Games, from 14 to 25 February. Norway became the first Scandinavian country to host a Winter Olympics, and the 1952 Winter Games were the first to be held in a nation’s capital.

Oslo luxury hotels

Oslo has many luxury hotels closed to major tourist attractions, such as Royal Palace and Oslo Opera House. Grand Hotel of Oslo is located in the heart of Oslo, steps from Oslo Nye Teater and Karl Johan Street. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo is centrally located in Oslo, steps from Oslo Spektrum and minutes from Oslo City Shopping Centre, and close to Oslo Opera House.

— Lillehammer

1994 Winter Olympics

1994 Winter Olympics logo

Lillehammer, located north of Oslo, is host town for the 1994 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XVII Olympic Winter Games.

1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony – Ski jumper Stein Gruben with the Olympic flame at the top of the ski jump

The 1994 Winter Olympic Games were the second winter olympics hosted in Norway, after the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, and the fourth Olympics in the Nordic countries, after the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, and the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland.

— Bergen

The historical quarter of Bryggen in Bergen, Norway

The historical quarter of Bryggen in Bergen, Norway (Author: Fgmedia)

Bergen is Norway’s second largest and prettiest city. Historic attractions, forested hills and colorful harbor make Bergen one of the most enjoyable cities in Norway.

Cruising along the Norway’s majestic western coastline from north to southern city Bergen will give you an unforgettable journey passed some of the most splendid scenery in the world. The northernmost point of Europe Nord Kapp, the wondrous sight of the midnight Sun, rolling hills of the charming Lofoten Island chain, Arctic Circle, Norway’s second largest Svartisen glacier, ancient town and the former capital Trondheim, and beautiful Bergen are some highlights of this World’s most beautiful voyage.

— Stavanger/Sandnes

Stavanger - Sentrum

Stavanger – Sentrum, Norway

Stavanger/Sandnes is the third largest urban area of Norway, with a population of approximately 201,353 as of January 2012. It consists of the densely built-up areas Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg.

Stavanger is today considered the center of the oil industry in Norway and is one of European energy capitals and is often called the oil capital. Forus Business Park, located on the municipal boundary between Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola, is one of the largest business parks with 2,500 companies.

Stavanger is also home to several institutions of higher education, where the University of Stavanger (UiS) is the largest. The University offers several PhD programs, including petroleum engineering and offshore technology. The town is also the residence of the city to Stavanger University Hospital (SUS), Western, Norwegian Petroleum Museum, International Research Institute, Rogaland Theatre, the Culinary Institute and boot camp KNM Harald.

— Trondheim

Overview of Trondheim (Author: Åge Hojem/Trondheim Havn)

Overview of Trondheim (Author: Åge Hojem/Trondheim Havn)

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway with a population of 169,972 (2013 data). It lies on the south shore of the Trondheimsfjord at the mouth of the river Nidelva.

Trondheim city is dominated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), SINTEF, St. Olavs University Hospital and other technology-oriented institutions.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

NTNU main building, Trondheim, Norway (by Shekko, via Wikimedia Commons)

NTNU main building, Trondheim, Norway (by Shekko, via Wikimedia Commons)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norwegian: Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, abbreviated NTNU) is a public research university located in the city of Trondheim, Norway. It was formed in 1996 by the merger of the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), the Norwegian College of General Sciences (AVH), the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology (VM), the Faculty of Medicine (DMF), the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and the Trondheim Conservatory of Music (MiT).

NTNU is now the second largest of the eight universities in Norway, and has the main national responsibility for higher education in engineering and technology. In addition to engineering and the natural and physical sciences, the university offers advanced degrees in other academic disciplines ranging from the social sciences, the arts, medicine, architecture and fine art.

Trondheim Museums

The Trondheim Museum of Arts has Norway’s third largest public art collection, mainly Norwegian art from the last 150 years. The National Museum of Decorative Arts has a large collection of decorative arts and design. Trondheim Science Museum (Norwegian: Vitensenteret i Trondheim) is a scientific hands-on experience center. The Museum of Natural History and Archaeology is part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.